Some projects I've worked on in the past:

Constitutional Convention
My site for tracking the progress of the Convention on the Constitution, Ireland, 2012 / 2013. The site is also used to share my thoughts and experiences with the general public, as well as gathering feedback and contributions relating to the topics discussed by the Convention.
Connects Irish students buying and selling textbooks for Irish universities and colleges.
Project Deploy*
A free, open source, web application which allows users to deploy a web project framework with valid (X)HTML and CSS in seconds.

Other projects:

  • Recently I've been trying out a lot of new Operating Systems with the help of VMWare Fusion. I have also tested a number of Virtual Appliances such as portable development / testing environments, forensic analysis Linux distributions, various Content Management Systems, etc.

  • The latest appliance I have decided to test, is YAFPC-Appliance - the ultimate Network PDF Server Appliance. Hopefully this will simplify the task of printing / archiving documents on the various platforms I use.