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  1. Netlify basics

    Netlify is a great platform with a fluid workflow. Make your changes locally, commit, and push. Netlify takes care of building your site and deploying it atomically. There's so much more that Netlify offers but even for a simple Jamstack site it's well worth checking out.

  2. Starting new projects

    Getting started on a new project can be fun and exciting but there can also be a lot of initial setup and plumbing required which can sometimes be quite tedious. Here are some of the tips, tricks, and templates I use to bootstrap a new project so I can get to the fun stuff sooner.

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  3. Dark mode

    Dark mode can provide a number of benefits for consuming content: reduced eye strain due to emissive displays, particularly in low-light environments; reduced power consumption on some display types (e.g. OLED); reduced blue light exposure; and more. It's not always suitable but when it is, knowing how to take advantage of it is very useful. Some applications or websites allow a user to explicitly choose between light and dark modes, others respect the system settings and don't provide the ability for the user to override this.

  4. Chrome DevTools tips

    Chrome DevTools are a fantastic resource built right in to the most popular browser. There's so much functionality available beyond the basic element inspection, console logs, and network tracing that most developers (or designers) aren't even aware of. Here are some tips and tricks I've found useful.

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  5. GitHub tips

    GitHub's tagline 'Where the world builds software' may seem accurate on the surface, but it doesn't include so many of its users. GitHub is more than a hosted Git service. It has become a key destination for collaboration, not just for developers, but for anyone with content to share, whether that content is code, documentation, design artifacts, blogs, static sites, data sets, open government initiatives, and so much more. Here are some tips and tricks I've found useful.

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  6. Curious where ESLint is spending its time?

    ESLint is a useful tool for performing static analysis on your JavaScript code to identify and fix a range of potential problems or deviation from an agreed set of style guidelines. Linting should be a quick process, ideally providing feedback to developers in near real-time while they're editing their code. Sometimes a particular plugin or rule can take a while to complete. How can we figure out which rules are the slowest, contributing the most to the wait time?

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  7. Setting up my code editor

    My goal is to eventually have this all captured in the automation I use to setup a new machine, but for now this post serves as a place to record the tweaks and improvements I've made to my code eidtors over the years, as well as documenting some of my workflow choices.

    development, productivity, tips
  8. VSCode Dev Containers

    Visual Studio Dev Containers allow us to easily leverage the benefits of containers in our development environments, providing all of the required tools and extensions, allowing for different versions depending on the project without affecting our local machine.

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